October 23, 2008


Imagine you're hearing the theme song to Rocky.

Do any of you remember the huge business card project I did for school last spring? How all of my homework from that semester disappeared along with my teacher? That included all 300 artist business cards I collected for my final project. Originally, he said all our work would be returned to the Continuing Ed office two weeks after our class was done. Four weeks after the semester finished up, I took a day off from work to commute into the city and pick everything up. Nothing was there. Concerned, I wrote to my teacher. He wasn't even in town but promised he'd deliver it soon after he returned. Then I never heard from him again. And the work never appeared in the school office.

Fast forward to this semester. Apparently, several of my fellow students were also concerned about the disappearance of their entire semester's worth of work. One of my classmates even exchanged e-mails with the head of the Continuing Ed department about it. Still no word.

This weekend, I attended the Fort Point Open Studios. I know my teacher is involved in that, so I tried to track him down at the show. No luck.

That is...until last night. A different classmate informed me that all our work was now waiting for us in the continuing ed office. He had picked his up two weeks ago! Two of us (myself and the girl who had written to the Continuing Ed department head) raced down before class began last night and made an inquiry at the front desk. The woman was really nice and showed us to a back storage room. There was the entire semester's worth of work for our entire class neatly packaged! We enthusiastically began scooping everything up (including the projects of fellow students who were upstairs) while cheering "Woo-hoo!". This caused the continuing ed lady to exclaim, "I feel like Santa Claus!" I laughed and said, "I feel like you're Santa Claus, too!"
My Rolodex with all those beautiful artist business cards is now back in my hands. I plan on posting those long-ago promised pictures of it this weekend. Yeay!!!


Gina Perry said...

Woo-hoo! I can't believe it took that long, but I'm glad you finally got your project back. :)

elizabeth said...

Nicole, this is too weird. So I'd totally forgotten I sent you a business card. Then just today I came across our email exchange about it (while searching my inbox for something else entirely) and I though, "I wonder whatever happened with that project?" Funny that it's the lead entry on your blog now!!

Stacey said...

:) so happy you and the cards are back together

Jenn Maruska said...

Yay! Good for you! : D

Ann Marie said...

I am relieved and happy for you!! I remember this story. Glad it had a happy ending!

Am catching up on your posts and want to tell you how sorry I am to hear about your little hedgie. Keep us posted.